Friday, 24 April 2009

The colour forcasting report for F/W collection 2010

Christian Lacroix is born in Spain and he always gathered around the Mediterranean region, also , as he had studies the history of art and once wanted to work in the museum, thus we can see how he familiar of the fashion history. Also, he like musical and opera, also the spanish tradional custom, bull-fighting. So, we can see his collection always appear the element of the vabrient and fancy colour of Gypsy women as well as the custome of the bull-fighter( torare).

The colour of Christian Lacroix F/W2010 collection will use in the following colour scheme:
1. Achromatic colour scheme
2. Monochromatic colour scheme
3. Analogic colour scheme
4. Analogic and complementary colour scheme

1.Achromatic colour scheme:

It is the combination of black, gray and white. In the previous analysis of Lacroix's Collection, we can see, achromatic scheme is widely used by Lacroix. Either using these three colour,or totally black /white outfit.

And Red and black combination is also used in Lacroix's may because of the influence of his favourite opera- Carmen. Where the identical feature of Carmen is a Gypsy women wearing red and black dress,
Thus, I think anchromatic scheme will be also used in Lacroix coming F/W collection.

2.Monochromatic colour scheme:

It will be the combination of the colour in same hue but different chroma and value, my prediction of the next collection will be the same hue with rather low chroma, a shaded /tones in the collection.. As in the previous post, we can see Lacroix favour in using the shaded/toned hue in his collection in these few year, it is rather the colours in 18/19 th century europe...

And my forcast will be the group of green, red and blue..
It is because Lacroix will use rather tone and shaded colour in his fall/ winter collection, especially in these few years (F 08 Haute Couture,F/W 09 RTW), where in his Spring/ summer collection, he will play the vivid colour in a higher chroma way , like using the primary colour of red , blue, yellow (S/S 07 RTW, S 02 Haute Couture) , the secondary colour of magenta,apple green and purple..
The colour group that I predict Lacroix will be used in monochromatic form is green , red and graylish blue....
It is because red, green and blue are the colour usually find in the Gypsy women's tradional dress...

-Green Group:
dark green, turquoise, olive, gray and black

-Red Group:
Wine red , brown, pink and grey

-Greylish blue:
SlateGray, Grey, Cadetblue and black

3. Analogic colour scheme

I forcast red and gold will be used in the coming collection, because, it is the national colour of spain, ( see the Spain national flag) , as well as the brand colour of Lacroix (the shopping bag, the interior design of Lacroix shop and even his offical web site). Thus, I think red and gold/ yellow will be also used in his coming collection

4. Analogic and complementary colour scheme

It is the olive/wine red/ blue combination and mustard yellow/olive/wine red, where, blue and green are analogic colour and red and green are complementary colour..
This kind colour combination also usually seen in Lacroix collection( S 2009 Haute Couture,S 2004 Haute Couture)
And it will be as mentioned in before, a shade and toned colour, thus althought it is in different hue, but it is still harmony as in the same value and chroma...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Analysis of Lacroix colour changes in his collection



F/HC 2006

F/ HC 2005




We can see Lacroix's collection can divided into two style, one is with vabrient vivid colour which is high chroma, using of different hue, have a traditional, Gypsy Flammaco dresser and bull fighter feeling,... and other is in lower chroma, but usually using darker shaded colour, toned colour, it gives a royal spainish nobal feeling..
Early collection(HC02,04)
-Using more hue with same high chroma and tinted colour
The use of colour theory:
-Complementary colour scheme (purplr, yellow)
-Analogic colour scheme (red, magenta, orange)
-Achromatic Scheme (black, white)
-Analogic & complementary colour scheme (green, purple, red)
Also, Lacroix used a lot of primary colour (red)and secondary colour( green, purple), and the principle of novelty, such as the shocking pink, fluorescent green,magenta...Thus, it can catch the people eyes, rather than creating a harmony feeling....
Later collection (HC 08,07)
-Use more shaded and toned colour, maining using the tertiary colour(olives,Khaki)
The use of colour theory:
-Achromatic scheme (black white)
-Mono-chromatic scheme (beige, soft pink/ gold,khaki )
-Analogous colour scheme (Wine red, fuchsia/ blue green)
We can see Lacroix using try to create more harmony in his collection, by using the analogous colour , the adjacent colour in the colour wheel and monochromatic colour, whre he changed the value and saturation of the colour with the same hue... But , by watching the collection in a
whole, we can still see the complementary combination, like olives and wine red....khaki and purple..But the shaded tone (principle of resembalance ) make the whole collection more harmony...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Christian Lacroix F 08 HC

We can see in this collection, Lacroix are using generally high chroma hue in his outfits..
and also , use a lot of primary colour(lime yellow, blue) and secondary colour (magenta, purple) in this collection, they are tinted colour, by using the principle of novelty, it brings unexpectation to the audience and can it is aeye catching...

Analogous colour scheme:

(red, magenta)

(orange, red)

(red, magenta, yellow)

Achromatic Scheme

(black, white)

Mono-chromatic Colour scheme:

(purple, darker purple)


(pink, beige)

(blue, greylish blue)

(blue, dark blue, sky blue)

Complementary colour scheme:

(yellow, purple)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Christian Lacroix F 07 HC

Colour Scheme used in this collection:
-Achromatic colour scheme
-Mono-chromatic colour scheme
-Analogous coloue scheme

The colour is in the same toned hue, and create a harmony feeling...

Achromatic scheme:

Monochromatic colour scheme:

Analogous colour scheme:

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Christian Lacroix 1994-2005 Retrospective

In this video, we can see how Christian Lacroix's Collection changes..
Also, we can see that, Lacroix not only have the spainish ,Gypsy, 18/19th centery element in his collection..but alsi the african element( 1994,1997,1998)..........

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Christian Lacroix Stage Costume

It is the video in Christian Lacroix Exhibition in Taipei, and it shows the costume he design for his loved bellet, and theatre...


We can see his design of the stage custome is also in very bright colour, with high tinted colour, primary colour, ( blue, red, yellow) also, with high chroma in different hue....
It can come into the feeling of joy, eye catching....
And we can also seen his fashion collection has the element of his stage custome, not only the silhouette or the fabric used , but also the colour...

S HC 2008

(blue, red, white)

(red, magenta)

(blue, dark blue)

(Red, Black,White)

S/S RTW 2007

(red, blue,white,yellow)

(black ,red)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Class exercise-Burberry

The colour scheme of burberry check:

It is using monochromatic scheme, by using different shade, tint and tone of the same hue, but different brightness and saturation...Such as beige and brown mix with black and white...
lightblue and dark blue mix with black and white..
As it is using the monochromatic , thus, it always generate a harmony feeling...